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Our 1000+ Happy Customer Review

I’ve been having pain basically in all joints especially my shoulders, wrists, and knees. I’ve been through everything like chiropractic treatments, all different kinds of therapies etc. and Squeezi is one of the few treatments that I've had quick relief for my pain.

My chiropractor uses this on me and I just HAD to get one for home use. So glad I did.

Bought as a gift

So, I have been working out more and when I'm done, my back, my arms and my legs all ache. But I use this everywhere it hurts and I'm able to get up within an hour, where before I'd be out for several hours.

It really helps my recovery rate. 5/5 would recommend. Buy it for anyone you think might need it. I also talked to my chiropractor who said that it should be fine to use

Very powerful.

This massage gun works like a dream. I have had one used on me before so I knew what to use. The instructions really are not the greatest.

The massager works well, and in the two months we were able to use it, it worked great on tight muscles and back.

1 / 8