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Patch Count: 2-Pack

Struggling lately with stress and muscle fatigue? Feeling overwhelmed at the gym or office? Experience a quick and easy recovery with Squeezi's low-frequency pulsed patches. The wearable massage stickers allow you to de-stress and re-energize without moving an inch. Squeezi boasts a sleek, travel-friendly design and 6 massage modes with adjustable intensity.



Squeezi Patches stimulates your muscles and eliminates your tender spots with inch-perfect precision. Just stick the patch on the aching area and pick your massage mode


Squeezi Patches sends a low frequency electrostatic field (LFESF) deep into muscle tissues to bring quick and lasting relief from inflammation and sore spots.


Squeezi Patches comes with a minimalist air pods-like charger. It lets you safely store your massager, charge it, and track its battery life with a light display.

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What People Are Saying

This works really well, if you don’t want to spend the money on a more expensive massage gun, get this one. Battery lasts awhile, good strength, I was really happy with it

Mylie Booker

I'm a Physical therapist and I use this daily on my own body at the end of the day

Kyra Knight

Great for sore muscles. I use it mainly before bedtime so I'm relaxed enough to get a good night's rest

Mayra Dunn

I use this for my lower back and neck pain. It is an awesome product. This is gonna get me through my regimen!

Jamison Stevens

This thing is amazing. It feels so goooood. 10/10

Jalen Donovan

Purchased to aid my elderly athritic parent. She couldnt be happier

Herbi Lowry

The rechargeable feature is great

Dean D.

Easy to use and helps with tight muscles. I recommend this for muscle aches and tightness from over use or after surgery when physical therapy begins.

Diesel Burrows

Helps with tightness in muscles. Thanks

Tiana Whitney

Can patches relieve my muscle fatigue after exercise?

Yes. It relieves tight muscles and will help speed recovery.

How's the sound? Is it quiet?

The patches make a slight buzzing sound

Can patches help with cellulite?

The patches have been proven to improve blood circulation which can in turn help with cellulite

Can this be used with essential oils?

Yes, can use with oils. Good for loosening tight muscles

Is it rechargable

Yes, the device features fast charging reaching full charge within 1 hour

How long does it last?

Really long! The Squeezi Patches can last up to 24 hours of use on a full charge